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org::freeplane::core::frame::ViewController Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::freeplane::core::frame::ViewController:

org::freeplane::core::resources::IFreeplanePropertyListener org::freeplane::main::applet::AppletViewController

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Detailed Description

Dimitry Polivaev

Definition at line 78 of file ViewController.java.

Public Member Functions

void addStatusImage (final String key, final Icon image)
void addStatusInfo (final String key, final String info)
void afterMapClose (final MapModel pOldMapView)
void afterViewChange (final Component oldMap, final Component pNewMap)
void afterViewClose (Component oldView)
void afterViewClose (final Component oldView)
void afterViewCreated (Component mapView)
void afterViewCreated (final Component mapView)
void beforeViewChange (Component oldView, Component newView)
void beforeViewChange (final Component oldMap, final Component newMap)
void changeNoteWindowLocation (final boolean b)
String completeVisiblePropertyKey (final JComponent toolBar)
void err (final String msg)
Color getBackgroundColor (final NodeModel node)
Component getComponent (final NodeModel node)
abstract Container getContentPane ()
Font getFont (final NodeModel node)
Frame getFrame ()
Rectangle getFrameSize ()
abstract FreeplaneMenuBar getFreeplaneMenuBar ()
String getItemForZoom (final float f)
abstract JFrame getJFrame ()
MapModel getMap ()
Component getMapView ()
IMapViewManager getMapViewManager ()
JScrollPane getScrollPane ()
Component getSelectedComponent ()
IMapSelection getSelection ()
Component getStatusBar ()
Color getTextColor (final NodeModel node)
Container getViewport ()
float getZoom ()
String[] getZooms ()
void init ()
abstract JSplitPane insertComponentIntoSplitPane (JComponent noteViewerComponent)
abstract boolean isApplet ()
boolean isMenubarVisible ()
void obtainFocusForSelected ()
abstract void openDocument (URL fileToUrl) throws Exception
abstract void openDocument (URI uri) throws IOException
void out (final String msg)
void propertyChanged (final String propertyName, final String newValue, final String oldValue)
boolean quit ()
abstract void removeSplitPane ()
void removeStatus (final String key)
void saveProperties ()
void scrollNodeToVisible (final NodeModel node)
void selectMode (final ModeController oldModeController, final ModeController newModeController)
void setAntialiasAll (final boolean antialiasAll)
void setAntialiasEdges (final boolean antialiasEdges)
Object setEdgesRenderingHint (final Graphics2D g)
void setFrameSize (final Rectangle frameSize)
void setLeftToolbarVisible (final boolean visible)
void setMenubarVisible (final boolean visible)
void setTextRenderingHint (final Graphics2D g)
abstract void setTitle (String title)
void setTitle ()
abstract void setWaitingCursor (boolean b)
void setZoom (final float zoom)
void setZoomComboBox (final float f)
void updateMenus (final MenuBuilder menuBuilder)
 ViewController (final Controller controller, final IMapViewManager mapViewManager)
void zoomIn ()
void zoomOut ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setLookAndFeel (final String lookAndFeel)

Static Public Attributes

static final String RESOURCE_ANTIALIAS = "antialias"

Protected Member Functions

Controller getController ()
boolean isFullScreenEnabled ()
abstract void setFreeplaneMenuBar (FreeplaneMenuBar menuBar)
void viewNumberChanged (final int number)

Package Functions

void afterViewChange (Component oldView, Component newView)
boolean isLeftToolbarVisible ()
boolean isToolbarVisible (final JComponent toolBar)
void propertyChanged (String propertyName, String newValue, String oldValue)
void setFullScreen (final boolean fullScreen)

Private Member Functions

void changeAntialias (final String command)
boolean getAntialiasAll ()
boolean getAntialiasEdges ()
float getCurrentZoomIndex ()
float getZoomValue (final Object item)
void setViewportView (final Component view)
void setZoomByItem (final Object item)

Private Attributes

boolean antialiasAll = false
boolean antialiasEdges = false
final Controller controller
Rectangle frameSize
final JPanel leftToolbarPanel
final IMapViewManager mapViewManager
final JScrollPane scrollPane
final JLabel status
final Map< String, JLabel > statusInfos
final JPanel statusPanel
final JPanel toolbarPanel
final String userDefinedZoom
int winState
final ZoomInAction zoomIn
final DefaultComboBoxModel zoomModel
final ZoomOutAction zoomOut

Static Private Attributes

static final String[] zooms = { "25%", "50%", "75%", "100%", "150%", "200%", "300%", "400%" }

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