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org::freeplane::view::swing::map::MapView Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::freeplane::view::swing::map::MapView:


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Detailed Description

This class represents the view of a whole MindMap (in analogy to class JTree).

Definition at line 96 of file MapView.java.

Public Member Functions

void autoscroll (final Point cursorLocn)
void centerNode (final NodeView node)
List< NodeViewcloneSelection ()
void deselect (final NodeView newSelected)
Object detectCollision (final Point p)
void endPrinting ()
Insets getAutoscrollInsets ()
Rectangle getInnerBounds ()
MapViewLayout getLayoutType ()
IMapSelection getMapSelection ()
int getMaxNodeWidth ()
ModeController getModeController ()
MapModel getModel ()
Point getNodeContentLocation (final NodeView nodeView)
NodeView getNodeView (final NodeModel node)
Dimension getPreferredSize ()
NodeView getRoot ()
NodeView getSelected ()
List< NodeModelgetSelectedNodes ()
List< NodeViewgetSelection ()
int getSiblingMaxLevel ()
Dimension getViewportSize ()
float getZoom ()
int getZoomed (final int number)
void initRoot ()
boolean isPrinting ()
boolean isSelected (final NodeView n)
void mapChanged (MapChangeEvent event)
void mapChanged (final MapChangeEvent event)
 MapView (final MapModel model, final ModeController modeController)
void move (final KeyEvent e)
void onNodeDeleted (NodeModel parent, NodeModel child, int index)
void onNodeDeleted (final NodeModel parent, final NodeModel child, final int index)
void onNodeInserted (NodeModel parent, NodeModel child, int newIndex)
void onNodeInserted (final NodeModel parent, final NodeModel child, final int newIndex)
void onNodeMoved (NodeModel oldParent, int oldIndex, NodeModel newParent, NodeModel child, int newIndex)
void onNodeMoved (final NodeModel oldParent, final int oldIndex, final NodeModel newParent, final NodeModel child, final int newIndex)
void onPreNodeDelete (NodeModel oldParent, NodeModel selectedNode, int index)
void onPreNodeDelete (final NodeModel oldParent, final NodeModel selectedNode, final int index)
void onPreNodeMoved (NodeModel oldParent, int oldIndex, NodeModel newParent, NodeModel child, int newIndex)
void onPreNodeMoved (final NodeModel oldParent, final int oldIndex, final NodeModel newParent, final NodeModel child, final int newIndex)
void paint (final Graphics g)
void paintChildren (final Graphics graphics)
void preparePrinting ()
int print (final Graphics graphics, final PageFormat pageFormat, final int pageIndex)
void print (final Graphics g)
void repaintVisible ()
void resetShiftSelectionOrigin ()
void scrollBy (final int x, final int y)
void scrollNodeToVisible (final NodeView node, final int extraWidth)
void scrollNodeToVisible (final NodeView node)
void selectAsTheOnlyOneSelected (final NodeView node, final boolean requestFocus)
void selectAsTheOnlyOneSelected (final NodeView newSelected)
void setMoveCursor (final boolean isHand)
void setZoom (final float zoom)

Static Public Attributes

static final String RESOURCES_SELECTED_NODE_COLOR = "standardselectednodecolor"
static final String RESOURCES_SELECTED_NODE_RECTANGLE_COLOR = "standardselectednoderectanglecolor"

Protected Member Functions

PaintingMode getPaintingMode ()
void setLayoutType (final MapViewLayout layoutType)
void validateTree ()

Package Types

enum  PaintingMode { CLOUDS, NODES, ALL }

Package Functions

void anchorToSelected (final NodeView view, final float horizontalPoint, final float verticalPoint)
ArrayList< NodeModelgetSelectedNodesSortedByY (final boolean differentSubtrees)
void makeTheSelected (final NodeView newSelected)
void revalidateSelecteds ()
void selectBranch (final NodeView newlySelectedNodeView, final boolean extend)
boolean selectContinuous (final NodeView nodeView)
void setSiblingMaxLevel (final int level)

Static Package Attributes

static boolean printOnWhiteBackground
static boolean standardDrawRectangleForSelection
static Color standardSelectColor
static Color standardSelectRectangleColor

Private Member Functions

void anchorToSelected (final NodeModel node, final float horizontalPoint, final float verticalPoint)
void createPropertyChangeListener ()
void extendSelectionWithKeyMove (final NodeView newlySelectedNodeView, final KeyEvent e)
Point getAnchorCenterPoint ()
int getMainViewY (final NodeView node)
NodeView getSelected (final int i)
NodeView getVisibleLeft (final NodeView oldSelected)
NodeView getVisibleNeighbour (final int directionCode)
NodeView getVisibleRight (final NodeView oldSelected)
void paintLinks (final NodeView source, final Graphics2D graphics, final HashSet alreadyPaintedLinks)
void paintLinks (final Graphics2D graphics)
void paintLinks (final Collection< LinkModel > links, final Graphics2D graphics, final HashSet alreadyPaintedLinks)
void paintSelected (final Graphics2D g, final NodeView selected)
void paintSelecteds (final Graphics2D g)
void registerParentListener ()
void repaintSelecteds ()
Color requiredBackground ()
void setViewPositionAfterValidate ()
void toggleSelected (final NodeView nodeView, final boolean requestFocus)
void validateSelecteds ()

Private Attributes

NodeView anchor
Point anchorContentLocation
float anchorHorizontalPoint
float anchorVerticalPoint
Vector< ILinkViewarrowLinkViews
Color background = null
Rectangle boundingRectangle = null
int centerNodeCounter
final Controller controller
boolean disableMoveCursor = true
int extraWidth
FitMap fitMap = FitMap.USER_DEFINED
boolean isPreparedForPrinting = false
boolean isPrinting = false
MapViewLayout layoutType
final int maxNodeWidth = 0
final ModeController modeController
final MapModel model
NodeView nodeToBeVisible = null
PaintingMode paintingMode = PaintingMode.ALL
ParentListener parentListener
NodeView rootView = null
boolean selectedsValid = true
final Selection selection = new Selection()
NodeView shiftSelectionOrigin = null
int siblingMaxLevel
float zoom = 1F

Static Private Attributes

static final int margin = 20
static IFreeplanePropertyListener propertyChangeListener
static final long serialVersionUID = 1L
static Stroke standardSelectionStroke


class  MapSelection
class  ParentListener
class  Selection

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