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org::freeplane::view::swing::map::NodeView Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::freeplane::view::swing::map::NodeView:

org::freeplane::core::model::INodeView org::freeplane::core::modecontroller::IMapChangeListener

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Detailed Description

This class represents a single Node of a MindMap (in analogy to TreeCellRenderer).

Definition at line 72 of file NodeView.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean contains (final int x, final int y)
void createAttributeView ()
boolean focused ()
int getAdditionalCloudHeigth ()
AttributeView getAttributeView ()
LinkedList getChildrenViews ()
Component getComponent ()
JComponent getContent ()
Container getContentPane ()
void getCoordinates (final LinkedList inList)
int getDeltaX ()
int getDeltaY ()
int getHGap ()
Point getLinkPoint (final Point declination)
MainView getMainView ()
Point getMainViewInPoint ()
Point getMainViewOutPoint (final NodeView targetView, final Point destinationPoint)
MapView getMap ()
int getMaxToolTipWidth ()
NodeModel getModel ()
NodeMotionListenerView getMotionListenerView ()
NodeView getParentView ()
NodeView getPreferredVisibleChild (final boolean getUpper, final boolean left)
int getShift ()
Color getTextBackground ()
Color getTextColor ()
Font getTextFont ()
int getVGap ()
NodeView getVisibleParentView ()
int getZoomedFoldingSymbolHalfWidth ()
boolean isChildOf (final NodeView myNodeView)
boolean isContentVisible ()
boolean isLeft ()
boolean isParentHidden ()
boolean isParentOf (final NodeView myNodeView)
boolean isRoot ()
boolean isSelected ()
boolean isSiblingOf (final NodeView myNodeView)
void mapChanged (MapChangeEvent event)
void mapChanged (final MapChangeEvent event)
void nodeChanged (NodeChangeEvent event)
void nodeChanged (final NodeChangeEvent event)
void onNodeDeleted (NodeModel parent, NodeModel child, int index)
void onNodeDeleted (final NodeModel parent, final NodeModel child, final int index)
void onNodeInserted (NodeModel parent, NodeModel child, int newIndex)
void onNodeInserted (final NodeModel parent, final NodeModel child, final int index)
void onNodeMoved (NodeModel oldParent, int oldIndex, NodeModel newParent, NodeModel child, int newIndex)
void onNodeMoved (final NodeModel oldParent, final int oldIndex, final NodeModel newParent, final NodeModel child, final int newIndex)
void onPreNodeDelete (NodeModel oldParent, NodeModel selectedNode, int index)
void onPreNodeDelete (final NodeModel oldParent, final NodeModel child, final int oldIndex)
void onPreNodeMoved (NodeModel oldParent, int oldIndex, NodeModel newParent, NodeModel child, int newIndex)
void onPreNodeMoved (final NodeModel oldParent, final int oldIndex, final NodeModel newParent, final NodeModel child, final int newIndex)
void paint (final Graphics g)
void requestFocus ()
boolean requestFocusInWindow ()
void setBounds (final int x, final int y, final int width, final int height)
void setPreferredChild (final NodeView view)
void setText (final String string)
void setVisible (final boolean isVisible)
String toString ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int DRAGGED_OVER_NO = 0
static final int DRAGGED_OVER_SIBLING = 2
static final int DRAGGED_OVER_SON = 1
static final int DRAGGED_OVER_SON_LEFT = 3
static final String RESOURCES_SHOW_NODE_TOOLTIPS = "show_node_tooltips"
static final int SHIFT = -2

Protected Member Functions

void convertPointToMap (final Point p)
NodeView getNextPage ()
NodeView getNextSiblingSingle ()
NodeView getNextVisibleSibling ()
NodeView getPreviousPage ()
NodeView getPreviousSiblingSingle ()
NodeView getPreviousVisibleSibling ()
LinkedList getSiblingViews ()
 NodeView (final NodeModel model, final int position, final MapView map, final Container parent)
void removeFromMap ()
void setModel (final NodeModel model)
void validateTree ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static Color getAntiColor1 (final Color c)
static Color getAntiColor2 (final Color c)

Static Protected Attributes

static final Color dragColor = Color.lightGray

Package Functions

void addDragListener (final DragGestureListener dgl)
void addDropListener (final DropTargetListener dtl)
int getAlignment ()
NodeView getFirst (Component startAfter, final boolean leftOnly, final boolean rightOnly)
Rectangle getInnerBounds ()
LinkedList getLeft (final boolean onlyVisible)
LinkedList getRight (final boolean onlyVisible)
Color getSelectedColor ()
NodeView insert (final NodeModel newNode, final int position)
void insert ()
void paintFoldingMark (final Graphics2D g)
void remove ()
void repaintSelected ()
void setMainView (final MainView newMainView)
void syncronizeAttributeView ()
void update ()
void updateAll ()
void updateToolTipsRecursive ()
boolean useSelectionColors ()

Static Package Attributes

static final int ALIGN_BOTTOM = -1
static final int ALIGN_CENTER = 0
static final int ALIGN_TOP = 1
static final int SPACE_AROUND = 50

Private Types


Private Member Functions

int calcShiftY (final LocationModel locationModel)
Color getBackgroundColor ()
void getCoordinates (final LinkedList inList, int additionalDistanceForConvexHull, final boolean byChildren, final int transX, final int transY)
NodeView getLast (Component startBefore, final boolean leftOnly, final boolean rightOnly)
void paintCloud (final Graphics g)
void paintCloudsAndEdges (final Graphics2D g)
void repaintEdge (final NodeView nodeView)
void treeStructureChanged ()
void updateStyle ()
void updateToolTip (final boolean areTooltipsDisplayed)
void updateToolTip ()
void updateToolTipsRecursive (final boolean areTooltipsDisplayed)

Static Private Member Functions

static FoldingMarkType foldingMarkType (MapController mapController, NodeModel model)

Private Attributes

AttributeView attributeView
JComponent contentPane
MainView mainView
final MapView map
int maxToolTipWidth
NodeModel model
NodeMotionListenerView motionListenerView
NodeView preferredChild

Static Private Attributes

static int FOLDING_SYMBOL_WIDTH = -1
static final long serialVersionUID = 1L

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